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Enjoy a 60 minute massage for only $55 
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At Living Water Massage we firmly believe that
every massage should be personalized. 

We take a little more time to learn about you and employ a variety of massage techniques and modalities to ensure that you get exactly what your body needs.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, pregnant with your fifth baby, a 9-5 computer user or just stressed out by your fast paced life, our therapeutic techniques are designed to locate and address your specific needs, alleviate pain, and help your body to heal. Massage sessions are offered in 30, 60, and 90 minute increments.  Clients remove their clothing for these services but great care is taken to preserve modesty by ensuring proper draping and only uncovering the part of the body being worked on.  The therapist uses lotion and the massage takes place on a massage table.

Regular Price
  • 60 min for $75
  • 90 min for $100
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Returning Customers 
  •  Return within 1 month - 60 min for $55
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   Package Deals 
  • You may purchase packages of 3 massages for $55 each.
Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies 
   Changes in appointment or cancellations need to be done 24 hours in advance.  Changes that are made at least 24 hours in advance are not penalized. If this time frame can not be met, a returning client can pay a $20 fee payable at their next appointment, or a new client will lose their opportunity for the advertised special.  Special massage events (chair massage days, or Valentine's Day) would lose any deposit placed to hold the appointment or day.

Therapeutic Massage
Everyone can benefit from Therapeutic Massage.  Not only is massage shown to decrease stress and promote relaxation, it is a powerful ally in your preventative healthcare regimen.  The therapist uses a variety of techniques and modalities to identify and treat problem areas.  Benefits include reduced stress, decreased depression and anxiety, decreased back pain, increased circulation, improved concentration, enhanced immunity and promotion of relaxation and general well being.

Pregnancy Massage
Used to decrease some of the aches and pains that are common with pregnancy, Pregnancy Massage sessions are designed to promote total body relaxation. The mother will usually be lying on her side, or in a reclined position with additional bolstering, pillows, and blankets, to ensure that she is able to relax and find comfort on the massage table. Pregnancy massage is known to induce endocrine changes that promote rest and relaxation as well as increase circulation and lymphatic efficiency which supports both the mother's system and the baby's gestation. A variety of techniques and modalities are used depending on the woman's individual needs.

Sports Massage
Designed for the serious athlete, Sports Massage is most effective when done regularly in conjunction with a training regimen to see cumulative effects. Heavy compressions and kneading movements are used to flush out the toxicity that builds up with muscle activity, promoting progress towards training goals. Additionally, recovery massage done 1-3 days after an event or intense training session has been shown to increase mitochondrial production, reducing inflammation and speeding healing. Various techniques and modalities are used to achieve these effects depending on the athletes individual needs.

Massage Techniques and Modalities

This collection of techniques is the most common type of massage practiced in the west and it can bring relief to the entire body.  At Living Water Massage the Swedish Technique is the basis for exploring the muscles of the whole body and determining which areas require additional attention.  The client is often put in a parasympathetic state that encourages deep rest, and aids in healing and digestion.  Additionally, Swedish Massage helps purge toxins from the body, increases blood and lymph flow, and improves psychological resilience. 

Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue techniques are used on specific muscles that are tight or inflamed as a result of injury, overuse, or chronic muscle issues.  The therapist applies intense pressure, often up to the patient’s individual pain threshold, to break up fibrotic tissue and adhesions and lengthen the muscles while pressing out stagnant fluid.  This ideally results in relaxed muscles that may be a little sore up to a day or two, but will have renewed blood flow and begin healing.  Intentional rest and rehydration for a couple of days is strongly recommended following deep tissue work.

Myofascial Release
The fascia that covers every muscle, muscle fiber and muscle cell in your body can become constricted as a result of injury, inflammation, and surgery.  These constrictions can inhibit range of motion and cause pain, sometimes for years after an injury.  With myofascial release the therapist uses gentle, sustained pressure to slowly warm and manipulate the fascia causing it to release its grip and slide over the muscle it covers allowing the muscle to painlessly regain its natural position and function.

Trigger Point Release
A trigger point is a hyper-irritable, sometimes knotted spot in an injured muscle that triggers pain in other muscles when aggravated.  Active trigger points keep the muscle tight, restricting blood flow and compressing nerves perpetuating a pain-spasm-pain cycle in muscles.  Treatment consists of sustained focal pressure on the hyper-irritable spot which disperses congestion and returns nourishing blood flow to the area, aiding in healing and alleviating the pain.